Highlands / Tablelands Ride: 14 – 15 Apr 18

Meet at Meridian Café, Marulan 0900 for a 0930 ride through the Highlands and Tablelands areas. Saturday night camp at one of my Tax Haven sheep properties. Bring your camping gear.

I have organised a camp oven, 2 course meal for $20 per head. The facilities include a camp kitchen with refrigeration. I will make sure cold beer is on site chilled – just one or two brands to be decided; it’s not a pub.

I am after numbers fairly early so phone me or comment below.

Contact Russell Nurse 0414 268 623

Please visit Ride With Us and submit your forms / introduce yourself if you haven’t already done so. Please note that Ulysses Adventure Riders forms do not carry over to NAR – new forms need to be submitted.

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