Say Hi

Welcome! We’re a new group, but many of us have been riding together for a long while.

This is a good place to say hi to old and new friends.

Once you get a member’s login, you can write your own comment below – tell us about yourself.

Maybe comment on a friend’s comment. Like someone else’s comment. Or not. Whatever.

16 thoughts

  1. Hi, Pirate Pete here testing the system.
    Thanks to Wayne Maps MacNaugton for a great ride down the SE of Oz.
    I was using my brand new Armstrong Sintered Front brake pads – On changing the tyre I checked for pad wear and after 2,380kms they are worn out! Now before you say things like “looney Pete abuses his machine” this was quite a gentle ride so my advise is DO NOT buy Armstrong Sintered Pads. I am in touch with the supplier and see what he has to say……maybe I can be renamed Cheep Pete cause I got them on Ebay. LOL.

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    1. Good to see you here, Pete. We’ve also got a new rider these days named Pete on a 690. Could be confusing.


      1. I answer to scrub turkey, pirate, and who wants a red wine! Ill call myself Newcastle Pete.
        Its a good combo…a pete on a 690!! Lol Tiger..


  2. Hi all,
    My name is Alex (drz400)
    Great to hear that you’ve got the group up and running.
    I’ve been on a couple of rides with some of you
    Looking forward to some more in 2018.


  3. Russell
    I will be on your ride in April
    Any one know when the booking are being taken for Lake Paika Station


    1. Lake Paika details will come in 2 to 3 weeks.

      Is this Chris H?

      (I’ll comment on your behalf at Russell’s ride notice 🙂 )


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