Cox’s & Kowmung Rivers: Report

Eight of us met as planned at the Mt Victoria Caltex, the air had a nice crispness to it that would remain for the whole day. 0930 sharp down the pass we head to travel along Cox’s River Rd for a while with nice twisty corners and a slippery crushed granite surface similar to Wombeyan Caves Rd.

The trail is in good condition until it heads into the crown lands area where the hilly bits have ruts that rain has formed over time. The road eventually meets the Six Foot Track where we headed left to check out the Cox’s River campground. The whole area is now fenced off so it would be a pain to camp there as you would have to drag all your gear over to the grassed area.

After a short break we headed west along Black Range Trail ( Six Foot Track). Again the first part of the trail was steep and rutty but smoothed out once up on the ridge line. There were a lot of people training for a run as we passed many jogging and mainly walking along the trail.

After lunch at Oberon we headed down Edith Rd to Kanangra Walls Rd to eventually turn onto the Kowmung Fire Trail. There was three Harleys travelling particularly slow along the way, I guess to see the walls.

The Kowmung trail was in very good condition and the steep downhill to the river posed no problems. Due to the long dry spell the river looked like a creek and was easily crossed by all unassisted, even Wayne “water boy” Croker.

The ride out the other side was a fun thing with heaps of erosion banks and bermed corners. Once we reached the corner of Banshee and Drogheda we split into two groups for the homeward journey. Tony took the flatlanders home via Range Trail and Wombeyan Caves Rd. The mountain men travelled Drogheda, Bindo and Gangbenang to eventually arrive back at Mt Victoria. All in all a top day with no incidents and terrific weather.

Wayne McNaughton KTM690, Steve Ramsay DR 650, Tony Conliffe GS 800, Lyndon Marshall DR650, Dave Spink DR 650, Pete Middleton KTM 690, Wayne Croker Tiger 800, Andy Johnston GS 1200.

Wayne McNaughton

2 thoughts

  1. Greatly enjoyed my 1st ride with NAR. Well planned route with a perfect mix of road/trail type for my liking. Fabulous country, & just enough exertion for me (& Dirty Tigger: I had slightly sore muscles too, with less excuses: my bike’s about as light as an Adv bike can be). I reckon Wayne M. did a great job of the planning and leading. A bare minimum of time out at forks in the road…. he either knows the country well, or did an impressive job of memorising the route beforehand. Many thanks Wayne and the good bunch of guys who welcomed me. Looking forward to more. … 690Pete