Garry Nudd

Garry had a bad accident at Jindabyne, on his way to the Cold Flame Rally.

I spoke to his wife, Peta, to pass on our best wishes. She told me that Garry is still in ICU at Canberra Hospital. He has 10 fractured ribs, a fractured arm and leg and complex facial fractures. He will have facial surgery in a couple of weeks and will be in hospital for a month or more.

Peta wanted me to pass on her thanks to those who assisted on the day and those who have been of help to Garry and Peta since then.

Gaz was the very first to register for Lake Paika Station but he’ll still be way too sore to ride by then, so that’s a shame.

Gaz follows this site so he’ll see all comments left below.

Wayne Croker

Here’s a recent picture Bruce Gendle took:


7 thoughts

  1. Hey Garry, I can just see you standing on one leg and getting a haircut yesterday. It reminds me of the time a couple of years ago on the edge of the Simpson where we were surrounded by water and had to turn back to Alice Springs. On Binns Track in the middle of nowhere you pulled your clippers out of the bag and gave yourself a haircut.

  2. Hey Gaz we are thinking of you Mate. Hope your recovery goes well.
    Kind regards, Chief
    PS: you might want to consider canceling your next modeling gig.😂😜