Cold Flame Rally: Warren Sakey’s Report

Garry, Steve, Col and Warren started at Freemans Waterhole Thursday arvo, we headed over the Watagans and down the Convict Rd to St Albans pub where we stayed the night, Luis rode from Singleton to join us there. Friday we rode Wheelbarrow Ridge track, Mt Lagoon track and had breakfast at Bilpin. We then headed west to Hartley Vale then Cox’s River Rd, part of Jenolan Caves Rd and headed into the forest near Gingkin. Drogheda Road had some very sharp gravel, and one of the stones found its mark and punctured my (new) rear tyre. It was a large hole but we finally got 2 plugs to seal it up and continued at a more sedate pace to Taralga where we had a late lunch.

We knew the tyre repair would only be temporary, and needed to change plans and go to Goulburn, as I arrived in front of the motorbike shop the tyre went down. A new tyre was fitted and we headed to Tarago pub where we met Al, Chief and Russell. Andrew, Rob and Andy joined our ride Saturday morning for a very foggy start on Mayfield Rd to Braidwood, then south to Badja, Tuross Rd and Nimmitabel for lunch. We headed into Jindabyne for supplies in the afternoon.

We left Jindabyne with a plan to meet up at the Barry Way lookout, but unfortunately Garry didn’t arrive. A few of the fellows want back to look for him, but he had crashed just a few minutes out of town, so when they got to the scene the Ambulance people were already on the job and he was air lifted to Canberra Hospital. So we camped at Cold flame, sadly without Garry.

Repairs to Rob’s cooling fan took a little time Sunday morning, then we headed to Omeo via Limestone Rd, then to Dargo via Birregun Rd. After a great night at the pub we were ready to depart Monday morning and found Steve’s rear tyre flat, there was a piece of wood embedded in it. We inserted a plug but decided that the repair would be risky if he came North on the high Plains Rd, so Steve had to go to Bairnsdale (where he would have to stay overnight due to the public hol) for a new tyre. Two of us rode with him, then returned to Dargo to resume the trip home with the rest of the group. Dargo High Plains then Tallangatta was the route to get us to the Wymah ferry, but that was out of action so we had to go to Jingellic via the bitumen. Overnight at Jingellic pub, then Andrew and Rob left the next morning to home. Col, Luis and I continued to Gunning for Tuesday night, where Steve (complete with new tyre) caught up with us. Wednesday was blacktop to Newcastle and places further north.

Riders were: Garry Nudd GS1200, Steve Allen KTM1190, Luis Cardoso Yamaha XT660, Col Moss GS1200, Andrew Raadgever DR650, Rob Hodge GS650, Andy Johnston GS1200, Warren Sakey Kawasaki GT750

Warren Sakey