Wisemans Ferry Loop: Report

A cool foggy morning greeted seven riders at Wisemans Ferry. The day warmed up quickly to reach the low 30s, but the tracks remained dust-free all day after a few days of light rain.

It was a straight-forward ride through St Albans Common and Murray’s Run, except for new rider Mark McLean whose bike wouldn’t rev, so he turned for home after an hour. It’s a Tiger so it just needs to hunt something down and it will be fine.

I had the route planned out on my GPS but it wasn’t getting power on my bike, so I had to wing it from memory. Just into Yengo NP I took a wrong turn, at the end of which Wayne McNaughton took the lead. I had taken us on a lovely flowing road past some prosperous and beautiful farms and there was a pub at the end of it, so I can’t see any problem. Too early for a beer though.

Yengo’s a great track that gets snottier as you head west, so it gets more and more fun. Steve Booker has just been on a riding skills course and was keen to show us how high he can now get his WR.

About 2/3 of the way, we came up to the back of a group of about 30 riders. Some of us picked our way through them and were having a breather, only to be caught up by Reliable Sweep Steve Ramsay riding hard, with news that Dave Spink had taken a tumble and probably had a broken leg. New rider Andrew Jackson had stayed with him.

I turned back and met a 4WD with a trailer, which also turned back. We got Dave and his bike down to Grey Gums Cafe, where a friend collected him. It turns out he has a spiral fracture between his knee and ankle.

Many thanks to the good people in the 4WD who gave “above and beyond” help: Craig Humble, National President, Christian Sports Bike Association Australia and his son, Jonah. They were providing sweep support to the large ride group, which was a Tracks 4 Life event. If, like me, you haven’t heard of this group it’s well worth a look at their story. It’s very relevant to people like us and people we know.

We gave it up at Grey Gums and headed home, an afternoon shower cooling us down and giving our bikes a wash.

Wayne Croker – Tiger 800XCxtra fun
Steve Booker – WR250 rock skipper
Andrew Jackson – Tenerator 660
Mark McLean – Sleepy Tiger 800XC
Wayne McNaughton – KTM 690 rattles
Steve Ramsay – DR 6.5 litre
Dave Spink – DR 6.5 litre