Lake Paika Station: Comments, Photos, Stories, etc

A few people said they might write a comment when they got home, so there’s a good place to write them below.

Photos, videos and ride reports / stories are most welcome. Just send them to me at

If you have too much stuff to email, share a Google Photos album or Dropbox folder or similar with me, or use this NAR Dropbox.


Wayne Croker – 0417 446 116 evenings

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks Wayne for all your hard work organizing Lake Paika. Thanks to Les for leading the ride there and back. Can’t wait till next year.

  2. Thanks to Wayne Croker for organising a fabulous event at Lake Paika. What a great location & really worth the express drive for me.
    I left at 3am Thursday morning after receiving a message that my daughter was off to hospital to give birth to my new granddaughter. Adventurous drive home dodging wildlife but worth it to welcome “Ziggy Louise” to the world – very proud grandfather!