Geoff Wormald

Geoff hit a ‘roo on the way home from Lake Paika Station. After getting back on and riding 70 km to the Condoblin coffee shop, the pain hit him hard, so his riding mates got him an ambulance to the local hospital.

He was later transferred to Orange ICU, where he was found to have nine broken ribs with two flail sections (broken at each end) and a minor (?) lung puncture.

Geoff will be in hospital for a week or two and sore for quite a while. The ‘roo feels no pain.

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One thought

  1. Hey Geoff,
    Sorry to hear of your misadventure with the roo mate. Hope your recovery goes well & I look forward to seeing you back on the “horse” soon.
    Having fractured a couple of ribs recently (nowhere near as bad as yours) I wouldn’t recommend laughing & most important, avoid coughing!
    Get well soon & best regards,

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