Condamine River Planning Update: 12 – 18 Aug 18

Hi Folks,

Hopefully this all works, a bit of a challenge sorting all this but anyway, as they say, all part of the adventure.

Day 1: Sunday 12th August – Meet at United servo, corner of John St (Putty Rd) & Cowrie St, Singleton, at 0815 for a 0830 ride out. Use the Saturday as a transport. Then we head north for an overnight at Walcha. Accommodation is the New England Hotel (02 6777 2532) or organise another venue.

Day 2: Monday 13th – We leave Walcha 0800 as its a big day up through Oxley Rivers Wild country for an overnight in Ebor Falls Hotel (02 6775 9155).

Day 3: Tuesday 14th – Ebor Falls to Woodenbong via a fair bit of forest, it will be the biggest day of the trip. Woodenbong Hotel (02 6635 1275). Both Woodenbong and Ebor have limited accommodation so make sure you book.

Day 4: Wednesday 15th – The day we tackle the Condamine!!! A long way to go for 14 river crossings but I guess someone has to do it. Accommodation will be at Tenterfield Tavern (02 6736 2888).

Day 5: Thursday 16th – Tenterfield to Guyra via a lot of forest, and another big day. Accommodation Guyra Hotel (02 6779 1018).

Day 6: Friday 17th – Guyra to Merriwa. This is a 400k day but covers the Liverpool and Breeza Plains so average speed is a lot better than the previous forest areas. During this stage some may want to split for the Hunter area and won’t need accommodation at Merriwa. (Royal Hotel 02 6548 2235).

Day 7: Saturday 18th – Head for home with Sunday as a transport day for those that have come a long way.

Looking forward to this one. The reason it’s all pub stay is we are always around the 1,000m mark so still too cold to camp even in August. But if that is what you prefer then that is an option.

Wayne McNaughton

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  1. I put a new Motoz on the back and have a 50% 606 on the front, but I don’t think they will be any good for ice at Walcha on Monday morning. A few weeks ago they predicted -5 deg but I see the latest forecast now showing -9

      1. Hey Robo. Pirelli Scorpion Rally. I’ve made an effort to try all types over the last few years and settled on these. Front has serious grip in the dirt – really great tyre. Rear has big chunky blocks with no sideways pattern. I call them my mullet tyres – business up front, party at the back. Also comfy on road, for a dirt tyre. As you can read, I really like them. Wayne.

        1. Ok I’m currently running Motoz Tractionator GPS but will have a look at the Scorpion Rally next change over. What type of mileage are you getting out of them ?

          1. 5 or 6 – I replace both together – could do 8 or so if you were conservative but what’s the point of that?