brass.monkeys@hill.end ride report

Saturday morning started with perfect conditions. Jack Frost was everywhere, my bike’s temp gauge ran out of numbers on the ride from Bathurst to Mt Victoria. After a refuel, coffee and warm food at Mount Victoria it was off to visit ‘Padleys Pedestal’ Trig Station. This Trig is wheel chair friendly, so no excuses would be considered by the stewards for not enjoying the view. The view on a perfect winters day from any Trig is spectacular, Padleys Pedestal did not disappoint.

Then it was off to ride the Newnes Plateau via Black Fella Hands and Baal Bone Track to Portland. Lyndon continued with his new weight saving program. He left home without his back pack/hydro pack in order to save weigh on the DR. Then he decided to remove the number plate/rear light assembly, using his rear wheel to reduce some more weight. That did not look like a good idea. After 5 minutes and hockey straps, all was solved.

Then off to Capertee for a cuppa tea and lunch. After lunch it was off to Sofala via Turon Gates and the ever-smooth Palmers Oaky Road. Along this road we passed a 4×4 which turned out to be a savior. Chief was sweep rider on the mighty big bore DR, negotiating the roughest rocks, and he suddenly decided to jump off his bike and lie on the rocks to wait for his bike to arrive. He didn’t have to wait long, and his bike obliged and trapped him by the foot. The more he wiggled, trying to get out from under the bike, the heavier the bike became. His ribs also started to hurt more with every wiggle during these maneuvers. Thankfully, the nice guy in the 4×4 arrived and he lifted the bike off a very grateful Chief. He would still be there if he had to rely on his riding mates.

After this excitement it was decided to make a direct flight to Hill End and enjoy some medication and advice from Dr Tooheys and his untrained followers. All agreed that after medication from Dr Tooheys all problems are usually solved. The night at the Royal Hotel was fantastic. The fellowship, meals, medication were enjoyed by all.The night was cooling very quickly and it became obvious that camping at the hotel was one of our better decisions.

Next morning the temp was -5⁰ C and Jack Frost was everywhere. The lawns looked like snow and the trees had icicles. We waited for the sun to rise and warm the air a little. It still froze the water in our hydro pack mouth pieces on the ride down the Bridle Track. What a rough track that is now. Just rough everywhere, but it is still interesting. Never a dull moment. After the Bridle Track it was over Box Ridge Road, Mount Horrible, Sunny Corner and then back home.

The weather was winter perfect – cold morning, clear days, no wind, cold nights, big frosts (temps -5 to 10⁰C).The riding was great and the fellowship even better. Thanks to all.

Riders included: Andy GS1200, Chief DR790, Les GS1200, Lyndon DR650, Russell DR650, Tony GS800, Wayne C 800XCX, Wayne M KTM690.


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  1. Great ride report Les. Thanks for organising a great ride & weekend.
    My rib saving black top ride from Hill End to Bathurst was the coldest I could remember! Ice everywhere & had to ride with visor up due to icing up – then my eye lashes iced together! – brrrr! Thanks to Russell for riding with me.