Goulburn River NP Ride Report

“A fine time is what we had.” – Pete Graham.

A little shower on the way to Wisemans Ferry got the rain behind us for the weekend. Four riders crossed on the ferry, not sure how much mud to expect. Tony Conliffe, newbie Scott Ridley, Keith Williamson and me.

It turned out that the road offered great, confidence-inspiring traction – all weekend. And no dust.

Met up with the two Wozzas – Sakey and Kearney – and Pete Graham at Laguna and off we went across Yengo NP.

Stopped at the lookout to see rain coming in from the north east, but sunshine where we were going. So we kept going.

Up Commission Road, in unusually good condition. Still enjoying the traction.

Into Denman around 2pm. Green shoots a marked difference from the desperate brown two months ago on the Condamine River ride.

Met up with Garry Nudd and his grandson, Alex, as well as Steve Allen. Filled up Garry’s huge ute fridge with beer and meat. His rental was reasonable.

Spanners on a KTM.

A bit over an hour up to our campsite. Table, firepit, firewood, room to spread out.

Beer o’clock but Garry was 10 minutes behind. Anxious times.

Tents up; meat eaten, mostly cooked; beers drunk. Riders drunk. Lies told. Laughs had. Snores snored.

Coffee back in Denman Sunday morning and home our separate ways.

Great to see Garry up and about. Great to see everyone, really.

Thanks to Warren Sakey for co-organising.

Wayne Croker – Tiger 800
Warren Sakey – KLX 400
Stephen Allen – KTM 1190
Tony Conliffe – F800 GS
Peter Graham – KTM 690
Warren Kearney – KTM 690
Garry Nudd and Alex – Mazda BT50
Scott Ridley – Africa Twin
Keith Williamson – Tenere XT660