Barrington Tops NP: 12 – 13 Oct 19

South and west are good. And we ride there a lot. Country pubs, bakeries, carrot cake. Riding the dream. But, when was the last time you went North? North is for heroes. North is where the real men ride.

And so, I invite you to come north on an exploration of the Barrington Tops. This is not just your typical “ride up Buckets Way and over the Tops scenario”.

Croker, Compton (a new member) and I have recce’d a slightly technical route up to the scenic Mt Allyn. We rode it on a 1200GS and 800 Tiger without incident but about 15% of the ride is appropriately challenging for these big bikes. There is also plenty of great back road bitumen and smooth gravel.

The plan is to meet at my farm, which is about 20 minutes from Maitland and about 5 minutes from Paterson. Contact me for the address. Meeting time is 10.30am on Saturday, which gives people coming up from the big smoke plenty of time to get here.

We will ride up back roads past Lostock Dam, into the Barringtons and conquer Mt Allyn, followed by heading back down past Ladies Well, Salisbury and to East Gresford for a well earned beer before returning to my farm where we will stay the night. Buy your meat for the BBQ and alcohol in East Gresford. Salads and desert will be provided, and the Bathurst Shootout will be on the big screen.

Bring sleeping bag and mat, no tent needed and panniers can be left at the farm to lighten the load if desired.

Steven Booker on 0434 191 274