Quambone Races & Bruce Gendle Memorial Weekend: 11 – 12 May 19

Bruce Gendle passed away a year ago on the ride to Lake Paika Station.

The Quambone Races will be held on Saturday 11 May 2019. The people of this small town were extremely helpful on the day of Bruce’s accident and Bruce’s widow, Cate has sponsored one of the horse races in honour of Bruce. This town is doing it extremely tough and the annual race day is one of the few events they hold that can help boost their economy and spirits.

Sadly, Cate herself passed away a few weeks ago, following a heart operation. But we’re going to go ahead.

I know it is only one week before we ride north to the Bonus Downs Get-Together and it is a long way for fellows from Sydney and further south. If you can attend this event it will be much appreciated. Garry Nudd and Warren Kearney will be going by car with caravans, I will be going by car and staying at the pub, and a few others of our Hunter Valley friends will go by motorbike.

For those NAR riders who can’t attend the race weekend, maybe you could consider a stop – perhaps overnight – at Quambone either on the way to, or home from Bonus Downs. There’s great dirt roads near there.

Warren Sakey 0438 285 366