Hans Claus’ Adventures

Hi all. An update about my travels in Australia.

Since I left the Bonus Downs rallye I have been to Brisbane first to replace my split fork tube. Came through Maryborough and found out that that is where Mary Poppins got created. Since I had to wait for parts went to Rainbow Beach and been hooning over the beach to Noosa Head to take the ferry. Did not enjoy Brisbane with all the motorways going in all directions. Got overtaken by a big group on Harleys in their shorts and tee shirts and a lot of girls as pillions not wearing much more. It was a beautiful day and I really felt a bit over-dressed.

Got out over the Dividing Range through Springbrook NP and the Best Of All Lookout. And yes it was a good one with views back to NSW. That is what I miss here in Australia that we are travelling well over 1300 meters and the forest is that thick that all we get to see is trees.

Since a lot of roads where closed in the Diamantina country due to flooding I had to follow the bitumen to go West. Closer to Thargomindah found out that Walkers Crossing was opened so made my way to Innamincka and Maree to go around the Simpson Desert. Hoped to see water in Lake Eyre but been told that it was still too far away. Up North over the Oodnadatta track to go to Finke and since it was the Friday before the desert race decided to take the service road to Alice Springs. I was not alone, lots of sand and corrugations and dust too.

On the way from Brisbane to Alice the bike would cut out for a split second and would continue. Only once it died on me but would start straight away. In Alice I had to get parts at Desert Edge and it would not start at all. Got a jump start and all good. Decided to stay till after the long weekend to see what the problem was. Checked a few things and they reckon the battery was on the way out too. Ordered another one and since the bike was going, gone into the West McDonnell ranges to look at all the gorges. Had a few nice walks and scenery on the way.

Back to Alice to find out battery was not even send. Gone into Palm Vallye and Kings Canyon as that was high on my list of things to do. Done a bit of walking again and back to Alice. Still no battery. Decided to wing it into WA as bike did not miss a beat.

However after visiting Uluru and going towards the Olga’s the bike cut out, misfired and farted in a big way. Been told to fill up with 95 petrol in Yutala and give it heaps. Thought it not wise to go into WA in this way so went back to Alice again. After about 50 km everything came right again so I started to think it might be the 91 and Opal petrol.

Rang BMW dealers to see who could do a diagnostic test, or set it for 91 petrol, as no one could really pinpoint what the problem is and if I can not run this bike on 91 and Opal it is no good to me. I am here to ride the dirt and backcountry and most of the time that is the only fuel I can get.

Moto Adelaide was the only place who could help me on a short notice so Adelaide is where I am now. Was not my preference as most people I meet on the way are either from Vic or Tasmania escaping the cold. And cold it was on the way in.

Been a good ride in though as I have seen a few things I would not have seen otherwise. The steam train museum in Peterborough, Lake Eyre from William Creek and Coober Pedy have been a highlight. Also how the country got greener going South and that it is only a few hundred k’s away from the dry inland.

Yes, I made it to the coast but a different one.

Bike has been on the computer and found out that the crank position sensor had about 200 times a fault code. No parts here and since I have had not much luck with the freight I will go straight back to Newcastle to store bike for a next time. My wife is talking about going to Tasmania so will see whether I get an invitation to join her. I am cutting my holiday short as it is too cold for me to enjoy myself. Thought I would be in temperatures of around 30 degrees by now.

Hope to see a few of you on the next rallye. Hope it is in the Vic high country as I like to go back to do some riding over there.

Enjoy your riding and stay safe.

Cheers. Hans.