Northern Classic Vintage and Veteran Motorcycle Club

Many of us know Alan Menton, who has ridden with us quite a few times on his Suzuki DRZ 400. Alan and I had a chat a few weeks ago about our riding activities. I have copied below the email he sent after our chat – it should be self-explanatory. If any of you are interested in the NCVV or its events, contact Alan.

Hi Wayne,

Nice to talk to you again.  As discussed, I’ve sent out an email to the members of our club, Northern Classic Vintage and Veteran Motorcycle Club (NCVV), extending your invitation to the Wisemans Ferry one day ride on 20 July. I expect we will get four or five takers.  Will let you know.

As mentioned, NCVV is a small club that was established many years ago to cater for classic/historic (i.e. 30 year old) motorcycles.  Over the years, interest in the old bikes has declined somewhat, but we do happen to have a core group who are very keen adventure riders. A few months ago, I took on the role of President and am working with others to broaden the appeal of the club. Basically, we will pursue things that people want to do, rather than try to be a purist classic/historic motorcycle club. E.g. last year, 14 of us went to India and rode Royal Enfields in the Himalayas for three weeks (self-organised and led tour).

In December, we are planning a 10 day ride to Tassie and, hopefully a NZ ride next year.  It would be nice if we can get some of our guys coming to your rides (and maybe vice versa?). Should be good fun.

Attached is the first promo piece on the proposed Tassie ride. It is being promoted as an all bike tour (rather than adventure) but I expect that the itinerary will evolve depending on who goes.  Also attached is our Calendar of Events.

Let’s keep in touch.  Will let you know who is coming on the Wisemans Ferry ride once I get some responses.


Alan Menton – 0414 646 603