Mario’s Church: Ride Report

The weekend at Mario’s church worked out very well. Here’s my ride group’s story.

Rod, Wayne, Paul, Tony and I met at Mittagong on Saturday morning and set out towards Booroowa. About 250 km and 80% of that was dirt. I was happy with the route I had strung together. A slight breeze to shift the dust. A fun, fast and untroubled run got us to Booroowa around 1pm.

Trevor and Russell were waiting for us at the bakery, and Al, Steve and Gareth soon arrived. Al and Steve were on a day ride so it was a short visit from them. After a couple of creamy apple turnovers each, we set out with Trevor leading the way. Trevor linked up one farm road after another and it was like riding a jigsaw puzzle to Coolac, where we arrived around 4:30.

Tony had his priorities in order and stopped in at the pub for a schooie, while the rest of us attended church. Mario was waiting for us, of course, along with his brother-in-law, Brian, who had come down from Sydney to help Mario and enjoy the weekend.

Sharpie was there too, having arrived the day before and he made sure we all knew how much work he had done before we arrived, mowing lawns, preparing sleeping quarters, work work work, and being an absolutely amazing person.

Chris arrived soon, too, by four wheels – the last to arrive having travelled the shortest distance. That’s normally the way of it. So that completed our contingent.

Dinner at the pub, where the pork ribs were huge, tasty and popular. Back in time for evensong at the church and The World’s Fastest Indian on the IMAX. A big fire outside. Lies, laughs, and snores in the sleeper carriage.

Mario cooked brekkie on Sunday morning and gave us a tour of his collection. As the photos show, Mario sure likes big, heavy stuff. He knows every item’s story and makes big, heavy stuff more interesting than you might imagine.

We went our separate ways and Rod, Wayne, Paul and I enjoyed that beautiful run alongside the Murrumbidgee near Burrinjuck on a sunny but chilly morning, before making a fairly direct run towards our homes via Booroowa and Swallowtail Pass.

The weekend sure had a lot of highlights! Something to keep everyone happy.

Many thanks Mario and Brian. Alright, thanks Sharpie.

Wayne Croker

Tony Conliffe
Paul Grech
Chris Hendrie
Trevor Hewitt
Gareth Lentle
Mario Mencigar
Brian (Mario’s BIL)
Wayne McNaughton
Al Murray (day ride)
Russell Nurse
Steve Roberts (day ride)
Steve Sharpe
Rod Wales