Wet Wee Jasper

Left Mt Victoria on time with patchy skies and dusty trails for the first bit. As we headed south it became rather chilly with a few minor showers, this help to reduce the dust a bit. Lunch at Binda then a good run down through Dalton then Yass River Rd into Yass.

We decided to get some local info at the Tourist info centre where we found out there is no undercover at Micalong Creek, with the darkening skies approaching we decided to pub stay in Yass. A quick text to Wayne Croker who was meeting us in Yass to meet at the pub.

We intentionally arrived about 2:30 for the purpose of buying supplies and leaving enought time to get to Wee Jasper and set up Camp. This left us to promise ourselves not to buy a beer before 4:00pm. We succeeded just!

It rained pretty well all night making the decision to pub stay the right one. We were determined to see if it was OK to still camp Saturday night. After arriving at Micalong Creek camp area it was obvious it would be quite miserable bike camping, any way we stuck to plan A and headed into the Forest and then onto Cotter then a quick run to Tuggeranong for lunch and supplies.

The weather took care of those plans. The trail out of Micalong up into the Brindabellas for the first few K’s is pretty much all weather as it is still farmland, but as you climb up into the hardwood forest the trail becomes rather red and slippery.

When we reached the intersection of Brindabella Rd we decided to head to Tumut for lunch as a left turn would mean another 40k of red slippery trails. Lunch at the bakery then we headed for Wee Jasper Rd but turned up Red Hill Rd to head for Adjungbilly and the mighty Murrumbidgee and finally to Jugiong. From here we headed to Boorowa  to find some digs for the night.

Sunday morning we headed for home via Wyangala and Oberon. We managed to find a bit more red slippery stuff but other than the cold we actually stayed dry.

Considering the conditions we only copped a few showers that didn’t really test the wet weather gear. Although we didn’t camp we still had fun and rode all the proposed trails except for¬† Brindalle Rd and Doctors Flat. Oh well we’ll try again next year.

Wayne McNaughton

Wayne McNaughton KTM690
Paul Lloyd KTM690
Scott Ridley Africa Twin
Wayne Croker Tiger 800