AGM @ Neville: 23 – 24 Nov 19

I mentioned in the invitation to the Christmas Party @ Neville that there would be a brief and interesting AGM.

I’ve had a busy two years in my various roles on the committee. At the moment I get involved in managing the website, the Facebook Page and Group, the annual big ride, the treasury and new membership.

But I do need to step back and want to give you all plenty of notice that I won’t be putting my hand up for any roles at the AGM at the end of 2020. And I want to be in a position to hand them all over well before then.

This is something you might want to discuss when we get together in Neville.

There is also something else that I think we should discuss – the declining participation in rides. This trend is something that has concerned me for quite a while – not just the last couple of years – and it’s clearly accelerating.

It’s not all that difficult to recruit new members. We get two or three new members each month without any serious effort – and I mean real members, not just Facebook Group members. We have around three times as many members who’ve signed their forms and handed over some money as we had two years ago.

But fewer and fewer riders – old or new – show up for a ride these days and, if new riders do turn up, it’s uncommon to see them on a second ride. I’ve spoken to a number of these new members and I think I have a good understanding of what they’re looking for and how well they think we deliver it.

I have some specific proposals about what I think we should do, that I want to share with you. But I know that some of you won’t like or agree with them. I know that some of you will be OK with them but won’t want to be involved. And I know that some of you don’t see a problem – you’ve already met some friends to ride with. So because of that, I’m not in a position to move forward without broad support.

Let’s discuss what we want to do about this.

And then have a beer. Or discuss it over a beer.

Wayne Croker