Goulburn River NP Ride Report

I got a new GPS – my old one died – and put the route to our Saturday campsite in it. When I left home on Saturday morning the GPS said we would arrive at 6:30 PM. Last year we got there around 4:00 PM, so I made a mental note to adjust the speed settings that are used to estimate the ETA.

Guess what time we got there. Yes, that’s right. Small delays all add up.

Tony Conliffe and I and three new riders (Darrin Hart, Micha Goldfine and Pat O’Connor) left Wisemans Ferry on time and got to Laguna to meet up with Warren Kearney and Roger Cooper. We waited a while to see if anyone else arrived.

Then we set off through Yengo NP on a hot day, the temperature rising to 36 degrees. Sure, it gets hotter, but this was our first taste of it for the summer.

By the time we got to Putty Road, one of the new riders was heat struck, so we all waited a while. Then he and I waited a while longer before setting off towards Grey Gum Cafe, while the others pressed on. He got home OK after a rest at the cafe. I turned back to see if I could catch up with the others.

It wasn’t too hard to catch them. Tony and Warren had introduced the new guys to the joys of sand riding on Commission Road, and that feeling you get when ribs meet rocks. Confidences shattered, the pace was leisurely.

So by the time we got to Denman, another delay was necessary while we sank a schooner. Garry Nudd and Warren Sakey had been waiting for us in Denman, but after some texts from Warren Kearney, they decided to press on to the campground. Thankfully, they bought beer for us. But we were too late for the IGA so no steaks for dinner – potato chips and cheese Twisties make a good two course meal.

Into the campground at, yes, 6:30 PM. Not a drop of water in the Goulburn River.

There was a father emu looking after 10 chicks on their evening walk in the campground. It was almost cute enough to have you forget, for a moment, how stupid and ugly emus are.

Overall, not a bad effort to discourage our three new members 😬. We did make a point of commenting to the two that were left that it had been an unusually long, hot and tiring day. While I’m writing this, I realise we didn’t discuss what it’s like when its 3 degrees and sleeting. That will be a story for another camp.

Not a late night. All early to bed, knackered.

Back to Denman the next morning for a cafe brekkie and home our separate ways.

A hard day in the saddle beats any day on the couch. Except Bathurst Day.

Wayne Croker – Tiger 800
Darrin Hart – Tenere
Micha Goldfine – Africa Twin
Pat O’Connor – V-Strom
Roger Cooper – BMW GS1200
Tony Conliffe – BMW F800
Warren Kearney – KTM 690
Garry Nudd – Mazda BT50
Warren Sakey – Mazda BT50