Karuah River Rally Report

Geoff & Les left Bathurst on Friday morning bound for Moonan Flat (Victoria Hotel) via Singleton and Goorangoola Rd.  Tony & Wayne left the big smoke on Friday morning also bound for Moonan Flat (Victoria Hotel) via Singleton and Goorangoola Rd. They also did a side loop ride up Upper Rouchel Brook.  We all made it to the Vic Hotel and met up with Garry from Scone.  The weather Gods may have played a strong caution card and many riders did not make it, think it may rain a little.  We were the only riders at the Pub.  The weather was perfect on Friday.  There was no dust, no sun in your eyes, no wind and only a little rain in places.  Goorangoola road was perfect (as it always is perfect).   Saturday was over Barrington Tops via the main road as there may have been lots of slippery red clay bits as the Tomalla Road as it got hammered with rain the night before.  It was a good decision.  The road over the top was great.  Again there was no dust, no sun in your eyes, no wind, only a little constant and thick fog so you could see the wallabies about 10-20 metres away.  There were lots of the little thrill seekers. The road is bitumen from the top of the hill on the Gloucester side all the way to Gloucester.  Absolute perfect for sports ride on any bike.

We made it to Gloucester for second Breakfast and then to Dungog for lunch and supplies.  This is when Wayne’s 690 had no fluid in the radiator and displayed signs of overheating.  Those two conditions may be related.   We filled the radiator, started the heat pump and it promptly started to pump the fluids out again.   So Wayne decided to seek assistance and ride home via somewhere rather than ride off into the scrub cover in dark clouds.

The ride into the Frying Pan Creek Camp site was perfect.  We set up all good, before the rain.  Then it started.  It flogged down all night and filled most tents and all creeks, gullies, rivers etc. with water.  Numbers of riders attending were well down on previous years.  Not sure of exact numbers.  The ride out was in heavy to normal rain all the way to Bathurst.  Again, another great day for a ride with no dust.

Les Gardner


Garry 4×4

Geoff 1000GS

Les 1200GS

Tony 800GS

Wayne  KTM690