COVID-19: Suspension of All Rides

The Federal Government today banned non-essential travel.

Now, a quiet ride on a dirt road seems fairly essential to me in these times, but the point the Government is making is that if we pull up for fuel or a coffee or stay overnight somewhere, then we risk spreading the virus far and wide, amongst ourselves and the people we encounter.

So, we will pull our weight. All rides are cancelled / postponed until further notice.

Stay safe,

See you in New World,

Wayne C

One thought

  1. That’s a good explanation thanks Wayne. Until that I had been thinking that my escape from the drudgery of all this would be trips on the bike. With the group or just a couple of mates or even solo. But this explanation, sad though it is, makes me realize my responsibility as a citizen is to abandon all non-essential contact & I accept that riding for amusement enters that category at any servo or cafe stop. I have a vested interest: a couple of my health issues means I’m in the at-risk groups. But one option that probably complies would be any uninterrupted day ride on a single tank-full that I refuel at home from drums that I refill at a servo when I have to fill my car anyway. Can’t see a problem with that. Just may not be much of a ride, but better than none. Hope to see you all on our bikes in the bush before too many months.