Email from Marissa at Dargo River Inn

Hi Wayne,

Hope the crew is all keeping safe during this horrible situation!

I just wanted to send you an email to say a massive THANK YOU to you and your whole crew. Everyone was so easy to talk to, relaxed and just down right lovely!

Please pass on my apologies for the water situation on the final night – the guys were all super patient and understanding of the situation. I was so embarrassed and disappointed to have let everyone down, but hopefully it didn’t spoil anyone’s weekend. There were a couple guys that helped us out on the night and I am very grateful for their assistance.

The Pump Repair Guy turned up the next day and had the problem solved in 15 minutes… Amazing what you can do when you actually know what to look for!

As a sign of our appreciation – we would like to offer each of the guys that visited us for your event a $20 credit towards their next stay with us. I still have the full list of names that you gave me, so I have a record. Please let them know to explain who they are at the time of booking & the credit will be applied.

Also – we will be making a donation this week towards your charity for a total of $200. Great drinking guys!!

We sincerely hope that you all enjoyed yourselves & we really look forward and hope to catch you all in the future – once this dreaded bug passes us by.

Please keep safe & hopefully chat soon.

Kind Regards,