Gooloogong: Les Gardner’s Report

Another 2 days of perfect riding. Perfect weather, perfect ride, perfect riding buddies, perfect roads. However, we had a rocky or cold false start. The original weekend of 22-23 August had a very intensive cold front with lots of snow, ice, rain wind and no sunshine covering southern NSW. You could say perfect conditions, no dust. But the mud and red slop would have been a problem. So I cancelled. I didn’t want to wash the bike.

We had 8 riders for the re-scheduled ride at Mount Vic servo for an early morning start. The ride went down the Cox’s River, up the 6 ft track, then some great curves to Oberon for second breakfast, Jesus Bag (or pie, as only God knows what is in them) and coffee. There are some nice curves on that road. The tracks then took us to near Rockley, near Trunkey, near Quart Pot and then Wyangala for fuel for some. The 990 is a great sponsor for fuel outlets, you should never ride past one without filling up or the fire in Katie will go out. Cowra saw more fuel entering all bikes, ice creams into most riders and Wayne C returned from Cowra Hospital. Wayne had problems with his eyes. He thought he had an irritant in his eyes, but I just thought he was about to start supporting the Manly Sea Eagles. They gave him some friendly covert service at the hospital from a safe 2.5 metres distance, gave him some concrete pills, told him to harden the #uck up and sent him away on his bike. What could possibly go wrong. At the Cowra servo, his eyes were much better, but still giving him curry or should I say chillie. So he went straight to the Goolie Pub to use of all the hot water in the shower & flush the eyes and get better. He did too. Thank God, we wouldn’t have been able to stand it if he started complaining, screaming and whining. He did miss a good run along Kangarooby Road. With all the good rain recently, the creeks were working and the causeways all had water flowing to keep riders on their toes. I have had my lessons on slimy water crossings in the Central West. The lesson is as sharp as a flat slab of concrete cover in green-brown slime. And it is usually wet too. But you learn quicker that way.

The Goolie pub looked after us all very well. Everyone had a bed for the night, good beer, good dinner and good breakie with all the food groups – see photos. We thought a few may be sleeping on the verandah for the night, but they managed to prize and extra $15 bucks out of Tony and give him a bed as well. We were also blessed with Brian from Narromine for the night. Brian had ridden the big road bike down to enjoy the roads of the Central West. Good to catch up.

Next morning it was time to experience a few roads in the Canowindra – Orange area. I have to say the roads are bloody magic. They were all twin tracks that wave, curve and curl their way between trees, farms, mountain ranges and vistas’ of farms covered in long green stuff that make the sheepies and Angus look very happy. The creeks do give the opportunity to wash the bike and rider, with the added benefit of stalling said bike to wash your boots. The tracks lead away from Goolie, towards Cudal, Milthorpe, Blayney, Newbridge to Lithgow. Everyone was on their way over the Blue Mountains well before feral hour of the traffic congestion as it was Father’s Day and all was sweet.

Once again, another perfect weekend of good riding, good fellowship and good stories. Thanks to all.

Riders & Bikes:
Brian Yamaha FJR1300
Gareth KTM 640
Graham Africa Twin 1100
John Yamaha T700
Les KMT 990
Steve DR 650
Tony GS 800
Wayne KTM 690
Wayne Triumph 800