Goulburn River NP Ride Report

That went well:

  • 17 people joined in for at least some of the ride – Andrew Raadgever, Fred Braid, Len Eagles, Gareth Lentle, Garry Nudd, Graham Hayden, John Hoyle, Pete Graham, Roger Cooper, Scott Ridley, Steve Allen, Steve Dixon, Steve Ramsay, Tony Conliffe, Warren Sakey, Wayne Croker and Wayne McNaughton.
  • When I say ride, I mean drive for four of us – Garry Nudd and Steve Allen towing Garry’s caravan, and Pete Graham and Steve Ramsay in their palaces.
  • Pleasant mid-20’s weather – a lot better than last year’s oven.
  • Rain on the Thursday meant not too much dust and great grip when we were riding on dirt – but on the Yengo and on Commission Rd there’s a lot of belting over rocks to be done. Something for everyone.
  • No incidents, so we kept pretty much on time and got into camp around 4pm – got anything to say, Tony?
  • A few nice cold beers out of Garry’s fridge along with some of Garry’s BBQ and, get this, roast lamb, baked spuds and gravy out of Pete’s Weber.
  • Stories told around the fire and smiles all around.
  • Green grass and water in the rivers. Good growth coming back in the forests.
  • Home our separate ways on Sunday, maybe after a brekky in Denman.

Definitely a highlight of this weird year’s ride calendar.

Thanks to Warren and Garry for the organisation. Thanks to Graham and Wayne M for the sweeping.

Next year…

Wayne C