About Us

We are adventure riders and mature aged mates.

We arrange day and weekend rides and some longer rides, with a strong preference for dirt roads. We ride medium to large capacity, single and multi cylinder bikes capable of handling rough terrain and long distances. Overnight, we stay in a pub or similar, or we camp. Our rides typically suit fairly small groups.

The NSW Adventure Riders Group was formed at the end of 2017. Many of us were riding together for a long while before that, as members of the Ulysses Adventure Riders Special Interest Group.

Aims, Management and Governance

The NSW Adventure Riders Group is a not-for-profit unincorporated association. Its aims are to:

  • Organise and run adventure motorcycle rides and related activities in NSW and sometimes beyond.
  • Foster camaraderie amongst mainly mature aged (40 years +) people.
  • Conduct our activities so that:
    • The wellbeing and safety of riders is supported.
    • The ride leader’s responsibilities are not onerous.
    • Continued access to suitable roads and destinations is not put at risk.
    • A good public image of adventure motorcycle riding and riders is supported.

The Group has a small, volunteer Management Committee and the three roles that directly affect our rides and social activities are:

  • Ride Coordinator – development of the Group’s ride calendar and liaison with ride leaders.
  • New Riders & Members Manager – liaison with and support for new riders and members.
  • Communications Manager – development and maintenance of the Group’s website and other communications systems.

The Committee also has two governance roles – the Secretary / Treasurer and the Chairperson.

The Group’s Constitution (PDF) and Inaugural Meeting Minutes (PDF) are recommended reading for members.

These Minutes (PDF) deal mainly with ride forms compliance.