Ride Agreement


The Group means NSW Adventure Riders, an unincorporated association.

Ride means all or part of a motorcycle ride organised and run by the Group or any of its members.

Ride Leader means the nominated leader of a Ride. Sweep refers to a person appointed by the Ride Leader to ride at the rear of the Ride participants. A Sweep may not be appointed. The Ride Leader’s and Sweep’s responsibilities may transfer to other Ride participants during a Ride without notice.

Indemnitees means the Group, its members, office bearers, agents and sponsors; the Ride Leader; the Sweep; all other Ride participants; and the owners of any private property on which a Ride takes place.


I acknowledge and accept that:

1) Motorcycling can be dangerous and by participating in a Ride:

a) I may be killed, disabled or injured;

b) My motorcycle and other possessions may be destroyed, damaged or lost; and

c) I may kill, disable or injure another person or destroy, damage or lose another person’s or party’s motorcycle or other property or possessions;

2) Adventure motorcycling can present elevated dangers due to:

a) Conditions that can change quickly and without warning;

b) Remoteness that limits access to medical services and motorcycle repair facilities; and

c) The actions or inactions of other Ride participants;

3) If I am not prepared to accept the dangers of a Ride before or after it has started, I can and should withdraw from it;

4) I may be prevented by the Ride Leader from starting or continuing a Ride without reason being given;

5) I am obliged to ride safely and within applicable Australian Road Rules;

6) The Indemnitees make no warranties about the conditions that may be encountered on a Ride or the support that may be available in the event of any difficulty;

7) I have been advised to consider obtaining Ambulance Cover and motorcycle recovery cover;

8) The Ride Leader may change the route or destinations of a Ride for any reason;

9) The Ride Leader may limit the number of participants in a Ride up to and including the day it starts, and preference may be given to long-standing Group members;

10) This Agreement applies to every Ride I participate in; and

11) Any term of this Agreement which is invalid shall be separable and shall not invalidate the other terms.


I undertake to:

1) Wear protective clothing and use safety equipment suitable to adventure motorcycle riding;

2) Ride safely and within applicable Australian Road Rules;

3) Not ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

4) Not enter into a race or contest;

5) Follow the reasonable instructions of the Ride Leader and Sweep;

6) Advise the Ride Leader if I withdraw from a ride (or if a Sweep is appointed, I may advise the Sweep); and

7) Pay all of my own expenses including any accommodation costs; accommodation no show / cancellation costs; medical costs; evacuation costs; and motorcycle recovery costs.


I declare that:

1) I am a responsible motorcyclist with experience suitable to adventure riding;

2) I have a valid motorcycle driver’s licence;

3) I am fit and healthy enough to participate in adventure motorcycling;

4) My motorcycle is roadworthy and with valid registration;

5) My motorcycle is of a design and condition (including tyres) suitable to adventure riding;

6) I take full responsibility for my own safety and welfare and all direct and indirect consequences of any dangers I may encounter; and

7) I do not wish for any claims to be made against the Indemnitees or any of them by any of my family or beneficiaries if I am killed, disabled or injured on a Ride.


I consent that:

1) My name and likeness, in a photo or video, may be published on the Group’s website and related media without payment to me; and

2) Other Ride participants may make decisions regarding my medical assistance and motorcycle recovery if it is considered that I am unable to make or communicate decisions effectively, and I shall bear all of the consequences including costs of any such decisions.

Indemnity & Release

1) I INDEMNIFY and keep indemnified and save harmless all of the Indemnitees and each of them from and against all actions, costs, losses or claims which may be made by me or on my behalf for or in respect of or arising out of my death or any disablement, injury, loss or damage caused to me or my property on a Ride however caused; and

2) I RELEASE to the full extent permitted by law the Indemnitees and each of them from all liability to me for any claim, loss, damage, cost or expense however it may arise as a result of any act, matter or thing done, permitted or omitted to be done by me or which is in any way connected to my presence or involvement in a Ride.


In consideration of the opportunity to Ride with the Group, I willingly agree to these acknowledgements, undertakings, declarations, consents and indemnity & release.

You can download the Ride Agreement (PDF).